Free software. Paid for hosting.

Dnote is free to use within your machine or self-host. Unlock Dnote Pro for fully hosted and managed experience with no hassle.


  • Host on your own machine
  • Encrypted backup using AES256
  • Multi-device sync
  • Command line interface
  • Atom plugin
  • Web client
  • Automated email digest
  • Firefox/Chrome extension
  • Free and open source
  • Forum support


  • Fully hosted and managed
  • Support the Dnote community
/ month
  • Everything in core
  • Hosting
  • Automatic update and migration
  • Email support

Pricing FAQ

What do you mean by free software?

Dnote is a free software because it allows users to run, obtain source code, modify, redistribute the program.

Is Dnote open source?

Yes, Dnote is fully open source under various licenses.

What do I get with Dnote Pro?

With Dnote Pro, you can enjoy a fully hosted version of Dnote and always get the latest version of Dnote without having to manually upgrade or migrate Dnote. Since Dnote is end-to-end encrypted, you get the same privacy benefits of self-hosting option.

Do I need to host?

No. You can just use the Dnote clients offline without hosting the server. They are all open source and freely downloadable.

Is Dnote encrypted?

All backups are encrypted. Dnote clients such as CLI will download and decrypt the backed up data so that you can search or modify them.

When you sync notes with Dnote web service, all your notes are encrypted before leaving your device and the server has zero knowledge of the contents. Such zero knowledge principle applies whether you are self-hosting or using a hosted version.

How does backup work?

Your data is encrypted using the AES256 block cipher which is considered unbreakable. Dnote web service stores your data encrypted-at-rest and your other devices can synchronize with its state, automatically resolving conflicts.

How often is email digest?

It is weekly and you have an option to turn it off.