A Simple and Encrypted Notebook

Dnote is an open source note taking software that respects your privacy. It is end-to-end encrypted and can be used to build your own personal knowledge base.

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Strong End-to-end encryption

Dnote is encrypted using an AES-256 symmetric block cipher. No one except you, not even Dnote, can look into your notes.

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Free and open source

The source code for Dnote clients are available under GPL license to respect your freedom as a user.

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Sync across multiple devices

Securely synchronize your notes across multiple devices. Access your notes wherever you are.

Perfect for Building a Personal Knoweldge Base

Write down your knowledge without distraction and get automatic digests.

Read a real story → a diagram depicting the note view
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Instantly Capture Your Microlessons

Capture your knowledge with minimal effort without being distracted. Dnote will be there for you as a web application, a browser extension, a command line interface, or even an IDE plugin.

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Automatic Spaced Repetition

Put the spaced repetition on autopilot. Dnote will automatically build a weekly digest and remind you via email, because we forget unless we revisit our knowledge.

Built for Privacy and Freedom

Dnote has zero knowledge about what you write. It does not track you. Your privacy and freedom are important.