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~/my-project $ dnote new linux 'Evaluate expressions using "expr"'
[+] Added to linux
~/my-project $ dnote new js 'Lambda is slightly more performant than bind'
[+] Added to js
~/my-project $ dnote sync
Successfully synced

Without losing focus, because we all got work to do

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We forget exponentially unless we try to retain our knowledge

What Can Dnote Do?

Spontaneously record what you learn without leaving command line
Get email digest of your learnings. Reinforce your knowledge effortlessly.

It's for All of Us

Own Your Data

All your data live in your home directory. It is optionally synced with Dnote server if you choose to sign up.

Open Source

Dnote is a free software. The CLI is open source under MIT. The server is also open source under GPL.

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